Specialized Cleaning Solutions for Medical Offices & Healthcare Facilities

Vesta Building Services utilities industry-leading processes, approved disinfectants and an unmatched attention to detail to prevent the spread of infections and germs in the workspace. Fully licensed, insured and bonded, our skilled professionals create a safe, clean and sanitized environment for your staff and patients. Whether for a single location or several, we cater to your exact requirements and exceed expectations throughout Baltimore.

Recognizing the unique cleaning challenges of medical facilities, we incorporate intensive infection control protocols. We go above and beyond so that your door always opens into an inviting and comfortable space where healing and wellness take precedence. Get in touch at (301) 485-9551 or by way of our online contact form for further information and a daily, weekly or monthly plan customized to satisfaction. For medical offices, outpatient centers, dental clinics, veterinary clinics and all types of healthcare facilities, Vesta Building Services makes it easy to protect what matters most.