Effortless Maintenance: Daytime Excellence for Your Business Environment

Vesta Building Services is qualified and prepared to take on the responsibility of keeping your commercial space in Annapolis and Baltimore presentable, inviting and safe at all times. Our services are completed to exacting standards, efficiently and without interfering with daily operations. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded. Our employees are punctual, reliable and thoroughly trained in a wide and versatile array of effective cleaning protocols. We customize tasks to fit your specific requirements, allowing you to focus elsewhere.

From keeping lobbies clean and restocking bathrooms to prepping conference rooms, responding to spills and removing trash, our day porter services are all encompassing. We recognize today’s competitive and demanding business environment and the importance of a spotless facility at all times. While janitorial services concentrate on deep cleaning during downtime, porter services provide consistent upkeep. At Vesta Building Services, we stay ahead of concerns, hazards and requirements quickly and without disruption or drawing attention. We provide an unmatched level of excellence across Baltimore.