Transform Your Floors with Professional Stripping and Cleaning

Wear and tear gradually leads to scratches, scuffs, a dull finish and grime accumulating in flooring cracks and crevices. Utilizing today’s leading technology, equipment, products and protocols, Vesta Building Services thoroughly scrubs the surface, removes minor imperfections and applies the appropriate finish to better protect and restore shine. Eventually a complete strip, seal and refinish may be necessary. Contact us online or by (301) 485-9551 to schedule efficient, effective and exceptional hard floor services anywhere across Baltimore.

High foot traffic causes damage to floor materials. Proper floor care goes beyond beautification. Our methods safeguard flooring, extending lifespan and reducing the likelihood and expense of repairs or early replacement. We further combating dust, allergens and bacterial buildup for a healthier environment. Our efforts directly contribute to the safety of the commercial space, helping to lessen the chance of accidents, injuries and legal liabilities. Enjoy the difference of working with Vesta Building Services! We take pride in attention to detail and your satisfaction.