Professional Cleaning Services for Health and Wellness Facilities

Gyms see a lot of sweat. Members come into contact with shared surfaces such as equipment and bathroom surfaces. Regular and thorough cleaning is crucial to eliminating the growth and spread of germs and bacteria. Vesta Building Services is licensed, insured, bonded and experienced. Our team is highly trained and equipped with today’s leading tools, equipment, products and techniques. We optimize the appearance, hygiene and enjoyment of the entirety of the space without disruption.

When potential and long-time members step into the gym for their workout, an atmosphere that reeks of sweat, appears unkempt and seems undervalued isn’t what they’re hoping for. Leave the responsibility of creating a welcoming, motivating and healthy environment in our expert hands. Let us create a customized plan for your facility. Working with us not only optimizes your brand and extends the life of furnishings and equipment but provides a competitive advantage. Paying attention to every important detail, Vesta Building Services offers comprehensive cleaning services tailored to gyms across Baltimore.